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Your Business

If you had a goose that laid a golden egg worth 100K every year would you insure the goose?

Let me answer that for you. YES!!!

And YOU are that goose!

Almost 1 in 3 Canadians will experience an incident of heart attack, cancer or stroke in their lifetime. The good news is we are far more likely to survive these illnesses than ever before. But it takes time to recover. When you own a business, your time is money. How long could your business survive without you?

Corporate Critical Illness Insurance can cover the needs of your business while you recover. Whether that be to pay for the proper consultant to manage your operation in your absence, or to help fund a buy/sell agreement with your partners, you can rest assured that this valuable benefit will afford you the ability to transition through a difficult time.

Oh, and if you don't use it we'll give you your money back so no regrets.

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Your Team

Statistics indicate that the direct cost of replacing an employee depends on their position. For example, replacing a mid-level employee can cost 20 percent of their annual salary, meaning a $40,000 per year manager can cost about $8,000 to replace. Cost aside, it's time consuming and stressful to attract, recruit and train new team members.

Your best employee tells you that they are headed down the street to work for the competition for $0.10/hr more than what your paying them. Could you afford the $0.10/hr to keep them?

If yes, then you can also afford a group benefit package.

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Your Family

Could you take a 6-month holiday right now with no financial repercussions?

For most Canadians 1 month is about as far as we could go on our savings. Month 2-3 we'd be cleaning out our RRSP's, month 4-6 would be credit cards and LOC's.

Month 7 - Bankruptcy.

The same could be said for a critical illness like heart attack, cancer or stroke. Almost 1 in 3 Canadians will suffer one of these, and the hard truth is most of us would be bankrupt before we recovered.

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Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance plan is the simple, stable, and smart group employee benefits solutions for small businesses in Canada. The not-for-profit program is available nationally to businesses with 1 to 50 employees. A unique combination of fully and partially pooled benefits allows firms to enjoy more stable renewals year after year. Over 30,000 businesses have chosen the Chambers Plan, making it the #1 small business benefit plan in Canada. We are proud to be a Exclusive Advisor for the plan.

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